Commitment to Partnership

Blue and Red large funnelCoinPlay is always looking for new long-term partnerships with malls, public locations, outdoor markets, museums, local businesses and non-profits interested in placing our distinctive devices at their locations.

A long-term partnership with CoinPlay starts with a face-to-face meeting where we design and customize a solution that works best for your location.  We offer custom colors, graphics, and have different sized products which ensures we can customize the perfect device to fit the space, decor, and demographic of your location.

Whether you want just one small device or ten large ones, CoinPlay can accommodate your needs.  Our devices will differentiate your location from the competition while enhancing customer and community engagement through charity affiliations.  The best part, our service will provide you with an additional revenue stream without any investment or up front cost on your end!

You give us...

A few square feet of unused space

You get all this FREE!!

    1. A high quality, attractive, and durable device custom sized and colored to fit your location's decor and available space
    2. All placement, maintenance, and servicing necessary for product operation
    3. Improved corporate image and good-will through local charity partnership displayed on device
    4. A percentage of revenue with no work!

Stacks of CoinsHow small change makes a big difference!

    • Our devices are FUN!  Happy customers stay longer and spend more time and money at your location
  • Our devices create a unique draw differentiating your location
  • Our devices are effective advertising opportunities for a captive audience