1)  What’s a coin funnel?

We could try and put a nifty description here but it’s probably much easier to understand by looking at some video examples.

2)  Is all your equipment really free to place?  What’s the catch?

Yes our equipment is always free to place! Whether it’s for permanent or temporary placement, we split part of our revenue with locations so we only make money if you also make money.

3)  Where in my location should I place your equipment?

The best locations will usually be the areas with greatest foot traffic and “linger time.”  Some examples might include, the food court area of a mall, the entrance lobby of your location, or a lounging area outside.  The possibilities are endless!  Once we survey your location we’ll help you decide the best place to maximize your funnel’s exposure.

4)  Are advertisements and promotions on the funnel included as part of my placement?

No, advertising is the one service we do charge separately for.  We can however custom tailor a solution to offset or eliminate advertising costs depending on what you are looking to do.  Contact us and we’ll go over all the details necessary to get going.

5)  How durable is your equipment?

Our funnels are made from industrial strength fiberglass which is completely weatherproof and designed to withstand years of wear and tear.  Our Prize Transporters and PlayMore WinMore Pinball machines features all steel construction with tempered safety glass designed to withstand years of wear and tear.

6)  How is the equipment secured in place?

Depending on the location we can use a few different options but for the most part our equipment does not require any permanent fixture to the location where they are placed.  We use ballast to weigh the machines down if necessary which combined with the weight of the coins and machines makes it very difficult to move once in place.

7)  Where do you currently do business?

We currently do business in all of Southern California.  If your location is outside our geographical area let us know so we can keep you in our records for future expansion.