Coin Funnel 56 inchCoin Funnels

Our flagship product!  Our coin funnels help retail and public locations attract more customers and boost revenue through our distinctive, educational entertainment coin funnels that provide fun for all ages!  WIth each funnel CoinPlay also focuses on building good-will by donating a portion of revenue to local charities.

We service coin funnels in both large (56") and medium (32") sizes and funnels can be custom colored to fit the decor of your location. 

Prize TransporterPrize Transporter

Our Prize Transporter is the crane game of the future!  Featuring a totally unique magnetic prize retrieval system our cranes offer only high value branded prizes in a true game of skill.  

Machines can be themed to match your corporate image and offer attractive LED under-glow lighting. Prize Transporters occupy 32" x 42" of space.  Machines are highly durable with all steel construction and tempered safety glass.


Play More-Win More PinballPlayMore WinMore Pinball

Combines the best traditions of pin ball with bulk vending in an interactive ball vending game.  Our PlayMore WinMore pinball machines offer the smallest footprint in our inventory only taking up 17" x 24" of space.  Even the smallest locations can take advantage of this unique concept which combines traditional bulk vending with a pinball game for added fun!

(Gum Ball or 27mm rubber high bounce balls)