Happy family smilingWhy FUN matters

CoinPlay was founded on the notion that introducing a little fun and entertainment into customer's shopping experience will brighten their day and put a smile on their face.   In short time, happy customers become loyal customers and trips to your business become memorable outings with friends and family.
The question is how to do it…

This is why we created CoinPlay!

CoinPlay offers retail and public locations a FREE service designed to attract more customers and increase revenue turning a location’s empty space into monthly income.  We strategically place our devices at your location, fully operate and maintain them, and then share a portion of the proceeds with YOU!

CoinPlay products offer an interactive and memorable experience providing fun for people of all ages.  With our funnels, visitors will be mesmerized by the unique display of gravity and motion as they watch their spare change seemingly defy the laws of nature.  With our Prize Transporters, visitors will get the thrill of a skill based challenge for high value prize rewards.  CoinPlay also provides opportunities for affiliations with local charities, so your customers know that their fun is also helping someone in need.

See our solutions to find the right one for you:

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